So what is so great about Logan Dance Sydney anyway?!

Find out what some of our students and teachers think…


What do you love most about Logan Dance?
Friendliness, good teachers and a vibrant atmosphere

What is your favourite style and why?
Latin. The freedom of expression and interesting rhythm.
Maya de Veaux 2010


What do you love most about Logan Dance?
That we are not just a dance school we are one big happy family : )

What is your favourite style and why?
Hip Hop because I teach it and i have so much fun with my class on Saturday morning!

Hannah-Lee Brouggy 2010


What makes Logan Dance special?

“LDS is more like a family from our families. For me who didnt have my family here with me in AUstralia, LDS has been my family. I made greatest friends i will ever make at LDS. I missed being at the studio with every hour I was not at the studio. LDS was my second home.

I have also realised that can achieve things that I never thought were possible when it comes to dancing. My teachers Aric, Ian, Gina, they helped me see the other side of me, The stronger side. The friendships I have made at LDS are just irreplaceable. My former dance partners, Stef and Maggie, made my time at LDS even more special.

All my dancing nights at LDS brought joy to my heart. I will always hold LDS and everyone at LDS dear to my heart.”

Goabaone Molelekwa (Gee)
August 2010


For our end of season football get together, we had a thirty minute dance lesson with Ian Hunter. There were ten of us (male and female) from various ages and dancing abilities. Ian structured a session at an appropriate learning speed where we learnt numerous segments of a dance  over the course of twenty minutes.

All the segments were then put together and BINGO, there we all were having great fun pulling off the routine and thinking we were on Dancing with the Stars… Ian provided great demonstrations/verbal directions, was enthusiastic and was quick witted! I thoroughly recommend Ian for your first or next dance lesson!!

Luke Gray
Sydney Olympic U14 Support Staff


Sydney Girls High School – Dance Interview – April 2007
(Interview conducted with random students from Salsa class)

Would these classes make you want to further your dance education? Why?

  • Yes. Even just learning the basic steps was good. There was no skimming. It was quite in depth and we felt that Ian knew exactly what he was doing with us.
  • Yes. Love it! It’s great how we keep building on the steps from lessons before.
  • Yes. The technical work was great. Not just for the style of dance we were learning, but can see how it can be incorporated into other forms of dance.

How well do you think these classes are targeted at the public? What makes these classes enjoyable?

  • Spot on! It’s relatively simple, but looks good in the end.
  • Ian chooses the right steps to teach. You feel good when you get the steps right.

What do you think are the general views of dance by young girls? What do you think would interest boys to dance with you?

  • Boys would probably want to learn a style of dance that makes them look more masculine. Boys would probably be interested in learning skills for parties, so they look like they can dance properly. This would impress girls.

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