Children’s ballet classes now available at Logan Dance!

Logan Dance is proud to introduce its first classical ballet classes!

While classical ballet is, on the one hand, a strict technical style of dance, it is also a very graceful and beautiful style. The strength and control developed in classical classes will positively influence any other styles you currently do. Knowledge of your core, understanding of body alignment, arm strength, increased flexibility and performance tips are some of the advantages in taking these classes.

Ballet allows you to express ideas, emotions and stories through your body. We use mime to project our inner voice and engage with the audience.

The classes will be taught in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD – a syllabus designed in England and transported to Australia in the 1920s) style by Hannah Hibbert who has been doing classes herself for 20 years.

Her teachers have included those at the highest level of the profession. She has been teaching infants classes at Academy Ballet since 2002 and looks forward to sharing her experience of this beautiful art form with students at Logan Dance.

Kids ballet classes are no available every Saturday at 12:15 – we look forward to seeing you there!

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