Get Down with Hip Hop

Hip Hop at Logan Dance is an experience not to be missed!  You’ll love the music and moves and will get a great work out while learning how to bust a move on the dance floor. Come down to Logan Dance and get pop, lock, and dropping with some of the latest beats and steps.

At Logan Dance we teach Hip Hop to both kids and adults, our classes are incredibly fun and we think you will love it so much you can try your first class for free!*

The first mention of hip hop dance dates back to the 70’s when some new moves were introduced to the dance world to accompany the funky sounds of hip hop music that was also being discovered. Most popular among African Americans and Latin Americans at first, there are many races who now lay claim to defining this diverse dance phenomenon


Across the United States from the ‘Boogie Down’ Bronx, New York to the ‘Beat Street’ corners of Compton, California, young people everywhere took to this new style of dancing that included such feats as breaking, popping, locking, gliding, ticking, vibrating and krumping. In the earlier days, some hip hop dance moves such as the
Humpty Dance were made popular by hip hop artists who
had created the songs from which these dances were derived.



Hip Hop classes are wonderfully flexible using the Logan Dance “drop in” system, there are classes all year round and you only pay for the classes you attend.

For a sneak peak of the Hip Hop action, check out this video of the kids dancing at the Christmas lunch 2012!

See you there!

*For first time visitors to the studio, why not try a free group class?! (one per person).

39 Responses to “Hip Hop”

  • Ricky Kremer:

    hey im intrested in doing hip hop classes and see how i go i dont have any previous experince but willing to give it a go

  • Hi Ricky,
    That’s no problem, we get a lot of people that start without much experience but it’s a really fun class with some very cool moves and once you get going you will feel great.
    Hope to see you soon

  • Rosemary:

    I am looking at doing something together with my 10 year old daughter. Would this be something we can do together? Is the class mixed ie adults and kids together?

    • Hi Rosemary,
      The Saturday morning Hip Hop class is definitely a class that would be suitable for you to do with your daughter. Although it is not a big class, there is often a broad range of ages in the class and everyone seems to have fun.
      Hannah puts some great little routines together and is great at working with a mixed kids and adults class.
      The best way to see how much fun the class can be is to just come along and join in.
      Hope to see you in the studio soon.

  • Stephen:

    Hi I’m 26, looking to do a private lesson once a week, half hour of Salsa and half hour of hip hop, small bit of experience but basically starting from scratch. Would that be ok and what days/times are free? Thanks!

    • HI Steven,

      Great idea, but as there will be different teachers taking you for the respective styles of dance. Perhaps it will be easier to arrange an appointment over the phone.


  • Elyse:

    hey was wondering with the classes. Do you have to book ahead or can you show up on the day and time of the lesson?

    • Hi Elyse,

      Our classes run on a casual continuous basis, so you can join at anytime and there’s no need to book. All the adult classes run throughout the year and only break for the Christmas holidays.

      See you in the studio soon.

  • Eliza Lee:

    I am 13 years old and I am interested in doing a dance class. Do I count as a child or a teen?

    • Hi Eliza,

      At 13 you can do either the kids classes as the go up to 14 years of age and try some of the adult classes also.
      It just depends on what you prefer. Some kids around your age do both classes.
      Both the Contemporary/Hip Hop class on Wednesday and the Hip Hop class on Saturday are great fun and I’m sure you will enjoy them.


  • Richelle:


    Could I please find out what days and times you have
    Hip hop classes for beginners?

    • Hi Richelle,

      Our adult Hip Hop class is on at 9am every Saturday, It’s a fab class lots fun and positive energy
      No need to book just pop in and check in out.

  • Lisa:


    Are the only kids classes on Saturdays for ballroom? was interested in having my 8yo daughter join a hip hop class but it would need to be a Saturday


    • Hi Lisa,

      The Saturday 9am class is a mixed kids and adults class, some parents do the class with their kids. The best thing is just to bring her along and try it out. Hannah takes the class and is amazing, Im sure she will enjoy it.


  • Hi !
    I am a 13 year old girl, and i’m a beginner but i was interested in doing hiphop classes with my friends. One who’s 14 and another who’s 12, is that possible ? Please reply and how can i sign up ?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      The only hip hop class we have at the moment is on Saturdays at 9am. The current group of students are about the same age and would be possible for you and your friends to join. You can sign up for a free first class on our website at and you can join the class at any time.

      Hope to see you and your friends soon at the studio.

  • Elyse:

    Hey Ian,

    I went to do the 9am saturday hip hop class today and notice there was just kids in the class. I would like to give It a try. Is there a class for adults to learn hip hop? because I went to it think the adult class was on Saturday


  • Jess:

    Hey Ian,
    I’m Jess and I’m 11 and I’m VERY interested in joining hip hop. I was wondering what the price is and what day and time the class is on. Also, is it possible to do more than one group or dance style? Could i do hip hop in the group and to a private lesson?


    • Hi Jess,

      The only hip hop class we have going over the school holidays is the Saturday 9am class now it goes for 1 hour and costs $15 and you can join at any time.
      You can do private lessons but will need to arrange that directly with Hannah who takes the class on Saturday.
      There are several kids classes on during the week that resume from the 9th October and they are all in the class timetable on the website.
      Hope to see you in the studio soon.

  • Kat:

    hey I’m looking to do some hip hop haven’t really got any experience. also how much are lessons?

    • Hi Kat,
      No experience necessary, the 1st class of the year starts this saturday and for under 13’s it’s $15 per class you can join at any time but its always good to start at the beginning of the year.
      Hope you can make to the studio soon and don’t forget to register on the website for your first class free.

  • Chelsea:

    Hi! I was wondering, with group lessons, are they divided by level? and also which days are group hip hop lessons?

  • Jodi:

    hi there

    my 7.5 yr old son is keen to do some dancing (probably hip-hop)- is it too late in the year to begin?


    • Hi Jodi,

      Yep It’s not to late your son can still join in, the class is on every Wednesday at 4pm and if you register him online on the front page of the website he can try the first class free.
      Look forward to meeting you soon,

  • elizabeth:

    hello, my daughter is 13 and she wants to learn hip hop is there anyway she can join?

  • Hi Ian,

    I’m 22 and am looking to join a group for Hip Hop, I am wanting to join for fun and fitness ! 🙂

    I live on the Northern Beaches,

    Can you give me some kind of idea as to whether this is something you guys do and where abouts are you?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I’m trying to arrange a time with my teachers for an adult hip hop class and will let you know when that will start, we are a bit of a distance from you though our studio is in Randwick.
      I will keep you updated

  • Beata:

    Hi I just moved to Randwick for a shorter time and would love to come to a hip hop class for adults, I am 22. Do you have any at this time?
    Regards Beata

  • Deni:

    I am a father that has a daughter age 6 is there any classes
    During the week that we can do both togeather ? As beginners
    Thanks deni

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Deni,
      We don’t have any scheduled kids & parents classes at the moment but we can arrange a private lesson for either 1 hour or half hour for this purpose.
      I’m happy to discuss the options with you further.
      Thanks, Ian

  • Elicia:

    Just wondering when you hold hip hop dance classes?


    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Elicia,

      Just wanted to let you know the Hip Hop class is back on at the studio, Daniela is the instructor and also takes the kids class.
      The adults Hip Hop class is on every Saturday at 10am.

      Don’t forget to register on the website for your first class free.

  • Zoe:


    Are you running any hip hop classes this year?
    “I have an 8 year old who is interested.


    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Zoe,

      Just wanted to let you know the Kids Hip Hop class is back on at the studio, Daniela is the instructor and is wonderful with the kids.
      The class is on every Wednesday at 4pm.

      You are welcome to bring her along and if you register on the website the first class is free.

  • Flora:

    Hi I’m new on this dance class website, but i would like to come and join for different kind of dance classes, especially the hip hop. I’m so happy to join in, please email me whenever you can or as soon as possible, thanks flora.

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