Did you know that Ballet is awesome for kids?

If your kids are interested in trying a new dance style, ballet could offer a lot more than a new hobby.

Ballet relies heavily on physical strength and agility, an understanding of music, rhythm, strong concentration skills and an love of movement – all skills that will benefit your kids in many areas of their life.

Kids are constantly growing and it’s important to nurture this growth. Ballet is an intensive form of dance that will use all their muscles in the various movements and is designed to increase physical strength in arms, legs and torso. Ballet movements will also develop flexibility and a good range of motion for your kids.

Have you ever noticed that ballet dancers have great posture? – that’s because ballet movements develop co-ordination, balance and posture!

Ballet not only has physical benefits for kids, there are also emotional and mental benefits. Studies have shown that training in classical ballet will help to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment which builds your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence which is beneficial in all areas of their life. Further studies have also proven that classical ballet training can help children develop grace, poise and self-assurance at an early age.

Doing ballet – or any form of dance – at a young age will also help your kids develop their social skills, foster teamwork, communication, trust and co-operation. By engaging in regular social activities at their dance classes, your kids will forge new friendships, learn to overcome shyness or awkwardness and become more confident performing in front of an audience.

Have your kids tried ballet? Join us for our kids ballet class every Wednesday from 6:15pm.

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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