Food Nutrition for Dancers

by Gee Molelekwa

Just like all athletes, dancers need to consume enough calories to match the calories expended each day. A balanced meal for dancers is important as it provides them with crucial nutrients they need for their daily levels of physical activity. A balanced meal for dancers should be made of:

•    55- 60% Carbohydrates
•    15-20% Protein
•    20-30% Fat (not more than 30%)


Carbohydrates provide body with energy. Cereal, bread, rice and pasta provide complex carbohydrates. Eat about 170g of whole grains daily.


Fruits and vegetables also provide essential carbohydrates. Dancers must eat about 5 serves of fruit and vegetables daily.
Have a carbohydrate snack and hour or two before dance.


Proteins are essential for body structure, growth, muscle repair, and metabolism. Some sources of good protein are chicken (skinless), turkey (skinless), lean meat, tofu, beans, nuts.
One gram of protein for every kilogram of body weight must be consumed daily.


Fats are used by the body as FUEL during endurance activities. Different kinds of fat exist. GOOD and HEALTHY fats are unsaturated fats found in fish, nuts, seeds and plant oils.

Avoid saturated and unhealthy fats found in butter, meat and poultry, cream, fried and processed food.

Coming soon, Gees nutrition advice for Vitamins, Minerals and Hydration.

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