How about some Hip Hop dancing with Bec!

Rebecca Dunlea (Bec) is the funkiest new teacher to join the Logan Dance team taking on our Hip Hop classes. Spend a few moments getting to know Bec – she’ll have you rushing in for our next hip hop class!


Q. How did you end up teaching hip hop? Has it always been a passion for you?

A. Dancing itself has always been a passion of mine and I started when I was 7 years old and I learned all styles of dance… I would say my forte is actually lyrical / contemporary, however over the 20 years I have been involved in the Dance and Arts industry, I have professionally performed, choreographed and taught various styles including Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Hip hop, Funk/street, Zumba, Bodyjam & Musical Theatre.

I started teaching more hip hop about 5 years ago when freelancing at various dance studios around Sydney and there was a demand for it, and I loved the looseness of it compared to the discipline of Ballet… I could allow myself to feel my body and movement in a totally different way with no restrictions. Hip Hop allows you to be quite expressive in so many ways and to be more aware of your body and the way things work together…

Q. Do you think hip hop is much the same here as in the USA, or do we have our own Aussie style?

A. I think there are so many styles of hip hop internationally that the way a choreographer or dancer would feel, see or create it actually depends on many variables. Every country has its own style but they all blend and borrow from each other at the same time… People are influenced by different things so their interpretation of a feeling or movement is very much true to themselves, yet certain principles and aspects are similar so you get a “Hip Hop” genre within that.

Q. What do you say to people who have never done hip hop before?

A. Come and have some fun with us!!! Anyone can learn to dance from any background, experience level or age group, it is a lot of fun and is great to express yourself creatively while exercising and being involved in a social setting with other like minded people!

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