How to choose the right dance shoes – and win a pair worth $150!

In this day and age dancers can choose from a huge range of dance shoes, here are some tips for size, style and country of origin, and a chance to win a brand new pair of Salvios shoes!

Choosing the right size

We asked Cathy Lennox from Australian manufacturer Salvios about her tips for fitting; she advised “A dance shoe should be firm on the foot. Not tight but firm. Toes should be towards the end of the shoe but ladies toes not hanging over the end of the shoe. For children we do try and fit with a bit of growing room as the shoes are grown out of rather than worn out.

Often people come to us with orthotics to wear in their dance shoes. If we can, we will accommodate these but for ladies we will always suggest a lower heel.”

Widths can really vary between brands, so try them on! An experienced salesperson can help you choose a good fit and try on several styles before making your purchase.

Choosing the right style


There are two options for women’s shoes:

* Ballroom which is similar to a court shoe

* Latin American, an open toed sandal

Heels in women’s shoes are slim or flared and generally range in height from 1 to 3 inches.

Slim heels make turns and other moves easier. Flared heels are preferred for the Latin dances because they provide more stability

Non-slip soles are essential. Look for suede soles, which provide the right combination of grip and slide.


Men’s dance shoes are typically black lace-up Oxfords with a flat heel for standard dances and a more challenging, 1 to 2 inch heel, for Latin dances.

There’s definitely some funky styles around for men if you’re looking!


Up to about age 13, there are children’s styles that have a lower heel than an adult shoe. Once they hit their teenage years they will move into the higher heeled adult styles.

Caring for your shoes

Don’t wear your dance shoes on the street as rough surfaces and dirt will wear them out quickly.

Carry them in a bag and put them on when you get to class or to events.

Local or imported brands?

Many countries are now producing dance shoes with varying quality and price, and Asian countries such as China now produce a huge range of shoes that are available on the market. We also have some fantastic local brands with very competitive prices including Salvios, who are conveniently located in Randwick.

WIN a pair of Salvios handmade shoes!

If you would like to win a pair of gorgeous Salvios shoes, tell us why you love to dance on our Facebook wall before May 2nd and one person will win!


Prize includes 1 pair of either mens, womens or childrens shoes to the value of $150.

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