Class Programme 2018

Tuesday – Adults & Seniors

Randwick Literary Institute – 60 Clovelly Road, Randwick   New Classes 9th January.

12:30pm – 1:30pm      Seniors Dance Class  Special discount rates apply

7pm – 8pm                  Adult Modern Ballroom & Latin American Beginners Level 1
8pm – 9pm                  Adult Modern Ballroom & Latin American Interm. Level 2 & 3


Thursday – Adults

Randwick Literary Institute – 60 Clovelly Road, Randwick   Classes commences 11th January

7:30pm – 8:30pm         Adult Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, R’n’R Beginners Level 1
8:30pm – 9:30pm         Adult Latin American Interm. Level 2 & 3


Friday – Kids

The Centre – 14 Frances Street, Randwick   New Term Starts 9th February

3:45pm – 4:30pm         Kids Latin & Ballroom Beginners Level 1
4:30pm – 5:30pm         Kids Latin & Ballroom Intermediate Level 2 & 3
5:30pm – 6:15pm          TBC


50 Responses to “Timetable”

  • David Brewster:

    Could you please tell me your rates for Ballroom classes.


  • Hi David,
    The cost for a 1 hour group class $21
    or you can purchase a 10 class dance card for $150. The dance card’s are very popular and can be used for any of the ballroom, Latin, Salsa classes that we run in the studio.
    There will be a small price increase from the beginning of next year but the dance card price will remain the same until the end of January 2011.

  • Barbara:

    Such a shame, I really wanted to do Zumba at your studio (beginners) I work at the hospital 9-6 and there isnt any time after work that would work for me 🙁

    I wonder if you had one on a 6pm on a week day if you would get some of our staff joining up,

  • Alex:


    Just wondering when you’re re-open after the new year?
    Can’t wait to start dancing again 🙂


    • Hey Alex & MV,
      All group adult classes will be resuming from the 11 January except Zumba which will resume on the 18 January.
      The kids classes will resume on the 2 February.
      Getting revved up for another great year. See you soon,

  • MV:

    Hi there,

    Have classes already started for this year?


  • Katie:

    Hi there,
    I have an 8 yo and a 10 yo, and I would love them to try the Sat 9am Hip Hop class and the Sat 10-11am Zumba. Are these classes appropriate for those ages? And do you have other kids in those classes?
    And if so, can we just turn up this Saturday?
    Cheers, Katie

    • Hi Katie,
      You are welcome to bring the girls in to try the Saturday Hip Hop, although it’s an adult class there are younger people in the class and Hannah is great with teaching a mixed class of adults and kids.
      I will be starting a kids hip hop class soon probably on a Tuesday around 5:15 it’s not set still checking which day will best suit everyone.
      The Saturday Zumba class is not as suitable for kids but we do have a dedicated kids Zumba class every Wednesday at 4pm and there is a good bunch of young guys & girls that attend from the ages of about 7 to 14.

  • Laura:

    Hi I am just wondering if you do hip hop classes in the evening
    time for adults?

    • Hi Laura,
      Sorry but at this stage the only Hip Hop Class we have is on Saturday mornings.
      May be in the future but will need to do a little reshuffle of classes.

  • Chrissy Cannon:


    I am interested in taking the Latin American class. I have never danced this style before but have been doing classical ballet for the past 16 years and also taken contemporary and jazz lessons. I was just wondering what level I should attend for these classes?



    • Hi Chrissy,
      Thanks for your enquiry. We have several people in the studio who have done a lot of ballet before and all of them started at beginners level 1, at least for the first week. In the level 1 classes, you get to learn the basics of each style of dance. There is no restriction in joining the intermediate or advance classes and if you chose to, may go on to participate in them straight away. In the level 2 classes, you learn more advance steps and techniques. If you take 2 classes in the same night, the second class is only $10. I’m sure you will enjoy the classes in the studio and I look forward to meeting you in the studio soon.

  • Christine:


    I have a 5 1/2 year old and an 8 year old, is it too late to join any of your classes, I would love them to do anything, and can you advise the cost of casual classes for kids.


    • Hi Christine,
      We have a good range of classes available for kids and it’s best just to bring them in and let them do a class to see which style they prefer.
      The kids can join at any part of the term as the classes run continuously throughout the year and only breaking for the school holidays. All of the kids classes run for 45min and the casual rate is $14.00, or you can then purchase a 10 class card for $110 which they can share get marked of each time they come in.
      I hope to see you in the studio soon.

  • liza:


    Is your hip hop class a kids or adult class?

    • Hi, Liza,

      The Saturday Hip Hop Class is a mixed class with both kids and adults. The age group varies from about 7 years old up and the teacher is excellent at teaching a class of different age groups.
      If you are interested in trying it out, Just click the “about” tab and go down to “free group class” to register your details.

  • Hey I was wondering if the timetable ever changes because me and my friends really want to do zumba classes but none of us can make the classes in the day, we can only make nighttime. If the timetable changes can you tell me?

    • Hi Sophie,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      The timetable occasionally changes and i will let you know if we start an evening Zumba class at the studio.

  • Klau:


    I will like to know if there is any Zumba night classes during the week?

    • Hi Klau,

      Unfortunately the only Zumba class we run is on Saturday morning at 10am, it is possible that I will commence a Tuesday evening Zumba class in the future just looking for an instructor at the moment.
      Will keep you up to date.


  • Helen Premetis:

    Hello Ian, I am interested in the Sat Zumba beg. class and beginners Ballroom and Latin . May I just show up to attend a class? Helen.

  • Liv:

    Do you have Latin classes which are non-partnered?

    • Hi Liv,

      Most of the Latin class we run are partnered and because a lot of people that come up on their own we change partners constantly through the classes.
      When you are first learning a new step we generally do teach everyone separately and you take partners and try it together.
      The closest classes we run to dancing solo latin are our Zumba fitness classes as they have a strong latin content and are usually done completely without partners.
      All the classes we run are loads fun and your welcome to come in and check out the classes in action.


  • Clare:

    Hi I was wondering What is the timetable for
    2012. I am interested in the adults hip hop classes.
    What will the price be for the classes?

    • Hi Clare,

      The new program is now up on the website and is basically the same as last year. And at this stage, there will be no increase in prices from last year.

      The adult Hip Hop classes commence this Saturday 14th Jan 2012 at 9am and is $22 or $19 for students.

      See you there.


  • Rachel R:

    Hi i am looking to join so what should i do?

  • Samantha:

    Hi there.. I’m really interested in joining ur zumba adult classes but I don’t finish work until 6.30pm .will there be any later classes becoming available? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Samantha,

      At the moment the 6:15 class on Tuesday is the latest class we run although we are looking at putting more classes on in the mornings during the week and there is also the Saturday class which is on at 10am.
      I will keep you informed if this changes.


  • Amanda:

    Hello Ian,

    Is it too late to try out your level 1 Adults’ Latin or salsa classes? I have had a reasonable amount of dance training in the past, so know the basics quite well (but haven’t danced in a few years!) Would love to get back into it.

    • Hi Amannda,

      That’s fine, you can join our Adult group class at any time and as soon as you feel like more of a challenge you can move up into the level 2 class. We constantly change partners throughout the class and keep the classes fun and interesting by teaching a wide variety dance movements and technique.


  • Elyse:

    Hey would just like to inquire about the dances lessons. How do you begin? Can you turn up on the day of the lesson to commence? Or do you have to inform the dance instructors prior to the day of the lesson? Also, is it true that the first lesson is free? Do you cater to all levels of fitness? And is there casual attendance or set attendance? (As I am a full time university student).

    Thanks Elyse

    • Hi Elyse,

      Sorry for the delay in reply. To begin, you simply have to turn up at the studio at the scheduled class times as per the timetable online to a class that you are interested in. Yes, the first lesson is free provided that you sign up to the offer online. We cater to all levels of fitness and it is casual attendance where you can start at any time of the year and need not commit to a set amount of classes.


  • Jeni:

    Thanks, will definitely sign up for Friday to have a go. Having done a little ballroom during year 5 this year, would you recommend the 4 or 4:45pm class?

    • Probably the 4:45 Lv2-3 Class but its best to start at 4pm Lv 1 the first week just to get familiar with the class and it will help to make the second class easier.
      also if you do two classes in the same night the second class is only $5 and its a great way to practise the basics.

  • Elisha:

    Hi, I have a son who’s 13 and loves latin dancing, is there a class for just latin dancing for around his age, If so what dances and what time,
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Elisha,

      The best class for him to start with is probably the 4:45 latin class on Wednesday and at least we will have the opportunity to meet and he can try the class and see how he goes. There are other options and we can discuss these after his first class.
      If this time does not suit please let me know.


  • Tyna:

    I d like to join zumba class beginner , when do class commence? And timetable
    Thank you

    • Hi Tyna,
      Our Zumba classes are on every Tuesday 6:15pm and Saturday 10am, if you click on the website and register your first class is free after which a casual class is $20 or 10 classes is $150.
      A list of all the classes we offer can be found here
      See you in the studio soon

  • Jane:

    Hi I just wondering whether the Saturday Zumbo class is for adults or kids and whether the term is still going?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Jane,

      The Saturday Zumba class is an adults class but we do have the kids of some of the parents come in from time to time and join in also.
      It depends on the kids age ability and sometimes it just a matter of trying it out.
      Thanks, Ian

  • Kristy:

    Hi, I was wanting to commence Latin classes at Beginner Level. Can I attend any class to begin or is there a specific cycle?

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Kirsty,
      The Latin beginners class is at 7:15 on Thursday, the classes run continuously throughout the year and you can join at any time.
      Cheers, Ian

  • Tonia:


    I’m 17 and I was wanting to join Ballroom and Latin Beginner Level 1. Should I be joining a kids or adults class?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Tonia,
      At 17 it probably best to join the adults class either on Tuesday or Thursday at 7:15pm
      Your first class is free when you sign up online and that’s a great way of trying it out.

  • Emy:

    Do you have reggaeton classes?

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Emy,

      Unfortunately no Reggaton, the latin 7:30 class we run on Thursday night is Salsa, Cha Cha & Rock n Roll combined and is a lot of fun, we also have Ballroom and Latin classes every Tuesday night at 7pm.
      You are welcome to try out the classes and when you register on line your first class is free.


  • Angela:

    Hello Ian,
    Are your studios no longer on Belmore Rd?
    My daughter (12.5yrs) would like to try a class and is not sure which one to try, could you please offer some advice?
    Also, from looking at your costs, it seems the kids classes only run during the school term. When would be the best time to start?
    Many thanks,

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Angela,

      I think the best thing to do is bring her in and let you try the class on Friday afternoon and if she finds it a bit young for her the only other option we have is the adult classes.

      The kids classes are in the center at 14 Francis St. Corner cook street Randwick
      The Adults classes are at the Randwick literally institute 60 Clovelly Rd. Corner market Street Randwick.

      The kids, classes are probably best at 12 1/2 years old, although there is a big range of ages in this class, although we are halfway through the term you’re welcome to start at this time and see how it goes.
      The website has links to both addresses within the timetable tab.

      I look forward to meeting you and your daughter soon.


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