World Records For Dancing You May Not Want To Beat!

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If there’s at least one thing you can learn from dancing, it’s knowing the motivation and dedication required to master your skills. All of these world records were achieved with relentless stamina and iron willpower! If you’re bored one day and looking for a challenge, why not casually try and break some of these records and get your name and achievement recognised by the Guinness Book of Records?

Longest Distance Danced

The furthest distance danced was performed by Kelly Ranasinghe and Victoria Sudakov, who managed to cover a whopping 5.02 km (3.125 miles) ballroom dancing around Balboa Park in San Diego, California on the 11 October 2003. It sure beats getting the bus!

Largest Zumba Dance Class

On the 30th April, 2011, in Brownsville, Texas, a campaign to promote healthy lifestyles planned a world record to gather the largest ever Zumba class. They only nedded to get more than 250 participants, but nobody foresaw the arrival of almost five times the expected number as 1,223 Zumba dancers all showed up all ready and eager to burn some calories!

Largest Salsa Dance

The largest salsa dance consisted of 451 couples and was organised by two Venezuelans, Jose Perez and Tjapko Smits, at the Caracas Hilton Hotel, in Caracas, Venezuela, on the 1st October 2006. Must have been a tight squeeze!

Longest Time Danced

Guinness World Records confirmed that Kalamandalam Hemaletha had set a world record for the “longest dance marathon by an individual.” Beginning on September 20th, she shook her hips and wiggled her neck for 123 hours and 15 minutes. The 37-year old mother performed the “Mohiniyattam” – a solo recital delivered by a female that is one of the eight Indian classical dance forms. Her previous attempt a month earlier resulted in her being admitted to hospital for dehydration and sore feet. Ouch!

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