Kids Dance Classes

Our dance classes give kids:

Confidence, Fun, Technique, Social Skills, Fitness, Grace, Co-ordination and a Passion for Dance!

Logan Dance Sydney is passionately run by Ian Hunter who himself discovered his love for dance at the age of 7. He now works with hundreds of children in the Sydney area from school groups to individuals actively pursuing competition and is well known for the energy, fun and enjoyment that he brings to his classes.

Kids get confidence, social skills and fun!


Ian specialises in teaching kids to dance and Logan Dance Sydney & holds dedicated kid’s classes in Ballroom and Latin American.


Our kids classes run with the school terms with the exception of term 1, where the classes start on the 2nd week to allow the kids to settle in to the New Year. The commencement dates can be found on our Timetable PageOur kid’s classes are suitable for children and teens 6+


“Ian always gives us positive feedback, nothing bad. He takes it seriously and makes it fun while you learn.” Marley 12

“Latin is a cool kind of dance and it is good to know because you can impress the girls!” Dylan 10


“The technical work was great. Not just for the style of dance we were learning, but for other forms of dance as well.” Lauren 16

Kids Classes are FUN!School Groups

Offer Latin & Ballroom dancing in your curriculum this year!

We have been partnering schools for many years to provide children and teens with fun, quality and affordable dance lessons and we look after school groups beautifully! Our custom designed studio is booked privately and your students discover the world of dance with professional teachers and choreographers.

For some years I have supervised high school students at Logan Dance Sydney in Randwick. The students range from 13-17 years of age and have selected Latin and Ballroom dance as their sport of choice. Classes are conducted by Ian, who injects his passion and enthusiasm into every lesson.
It is a testament to Ian’s passion and inspirational delivery that students not only learn these great dance routines but thoroughly enjoy it. Logan Dance Sydney provides students with skills in dance, social and inter-personal skills and above all tremendous fun.
Cecile – High School Teacher, Sydney

“Learning with the school and friends makes it more fun. It’s a different type of dance; in the past dance experience has just been to do with school ensembles.” Sarah 15

School group classes are suitable for children and teens 7+

39 Responses to “Kids Dance & School Groups”

  • Ingrid Roepers:

    Hi Ian
    Can you tell me if you have a boys only hip hop class and if so when it is . My son is about to turn six.

    • Hi Ingrid,
      The Saturday hip hop class is a mixed kids and adults class and as your son is only just 6 I would recommend he try first is the Wednesday kids Zumba at 4pm. There is often about 3 or 4 boys who regularly attend this class and its worth bringing him in to check it out. All the kids classes are on holiday break until 11th October (except the Saturday ballroom class at 11am). When you come in if you feel son is still to young to start there are other classes I can recommend in the eastern suburbs that specialise in teaching tiny tots.

  • Cris:

    Hi Ian,

    My daughter loves to dance. However, she is on the young side (5 1/2), but I wondered whether one sat we could drop in to see the kids ballroom class at 11am just to see if she is interested in trying it sometime in the next 6 months….

  • Hi Cris,
    Thats absolutely fine it depends on each child’s individual ability at this age and you are welcome to come in and watch the class in action

  • mindy smith:

    how old is the oldest child in your classes?

  • Isabella:

    Hi I’m around 15 and I want to learn to dance with my friend so what classes are available for us to take. We have never to dance before so I was wondering what kind of level were the classes.

    • Hi Isabella,

      You could both attend the kids Latin & Salsa classes at 4:45pm Wed or 4pm Fri. The age group for these classes is 7 to 14 but there are some older kids in the class. The best way to know is to come in and try some of the different classes to see what you like the most. As we are still only in our second week for the year and the kids classes won’t start till Wed 2 Feb it probably a good time to check out the adult classes as you may find these more suitable. The level 1 classes are all designed for people that have not danced before, they are lot of fun and you will be surprised how quickly you progress through the different dance moves.

      PS The Adult class continue throughout the year including on the public holidays 🙂

  • Michelle:

    Hi Ian

    My daughters attended your Kids Latin friday class a couple of years ago. Is the Saturday Hip Hop class appropriate for 10-14?



    • Hi Michelle,

      Good to hear from you, the girls are welcome to attend the Hip Hop on Saturday as it has a mixed age group of people in it and i’m sure they will enjoy it. Im also looking at putting on a dedicated Kids Hip Hop class through the week and am just looking at what would be the best day & time.
      The Hip Hop class has already commenced and all of the kids Latin, Ballroom and Zumba classes commence from the 2 February.
      Looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon. xo

  • Katrina:

    Do you have any school holiday hip hop or zumba dance programmes suitable for a 12 yo boy? Thanks

    • Hi Katrina,
      Both the hip hop and the zumba classes on Saturday will be running throughout the school holidays and are suitable for a 12 year old.
      There is no need to book, you can just turn up on the day and start at anytime.
      The hip hop class commences at 9am and the zumba is at 10am. They are 1-hour classes and costs $14 a class and a second class on the same day will cost $10.

  • Karin:

    Can you please let me know if kids learn actual formal steps in the 4.15 Tuesday Showtime Kids Class? My 7yo daughter is in another dance school but the class is more about creative movement and making up dance routines than formal steps. I think she is ready for this discipline now. Please let me know as I might bring her to the class tomorrow.

    • Hi Karin,

      We’re very excited to introduce Kids Active Dance, a fun and energetic dance class that will have your kids doing Hip Hop, Zumba and Jazz combined with mime, imagery, costumes and props!
      This class is perfect for kids who just want to dance – and the great news is while your kids are just having fun, Karina (a registered children’s fitness professional) will also be building their confidence, core strength and posture!
      Kids Active Dance classes will run on Tuesdays from 4:15 – 5pm. and commence on the 7th February


  • Michael:

    I am 14. What classes could i attend?

    • Hi Michael,

      At 14 you can attend any of the kids classes but you may feel more comfortable in the adult classes, It’s basically up to you and it’s best to try a few classes to see what you like.
      Remember to register and click on the first class free button on the website.
      Hope to see in the studio soon.


  • Jeni:

    My 11 year old daughter is interested in ballroom dancing. Will the Saturday 11am class continue in 2013? Also is Friday afternoon Latin/salsa a ballroom style class?


    • Hi Jeni,
      Yes the class schedule for 2013 will be the same as last year and the latin & Salsa classes on Friday are mainly Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Rumba.
      The Kids classes resume from the 6th February. As the classes are still running this week you are welcome to pop in at check them out and don’t forget to register for the first class free on the front page of the website.

  • May Wakim:

    I wanted to know if you have ballroom dance classes for 9 year olds and 5 year olds on thursday evenings and prices for a term please.


  • Hi May,

    Sorry for the delay in reply, we do cater for kids 7-9 years old but 5 is a little young for our classes although you are welcome to bring her along and just see what happens. Unfortunately we don’t teach the kids on Thursday. Our kids classes are on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. and a full timetable can be found on our website under the drop down “timetable” tab
    The cost per class is $15 or there is an option of a ten class card for $120

    I hope one the other days will suit and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Jess:

    Hi, I was wondering when can I start? Do I have to start at the beginning of the year or can I drop in at anytime?

  • Jess:

    Do they hold ballet classes?

  • Lan Nguyen:


    My twin daughters are turning 7 in march 2014.

    They have been doing ballet for 3 years.

    Which class would you recommend for the girls to enroll in at your studio in Randwick?

    Thank you for your response



    • Hi Lan,
      At 7 years old they are able to join any of the kids group class and it’s usually best to start off in level 1 and then they can work their way up. There is no time restriction as how long they should stay in a particular class it just depends on each child individually.
      All the kids classes resume from the Wednesday 5 February.

  • Anna:

    Hi, I am 13 and would like to do ballroom dancing in Sydney CBD. What classes can I attend?

    • Hi Anna,
      our kids ballroom class is on every Saturday at 11am and you can join at any time. Check the front page of the website & you can register for your first class free. The studio is located in Randwick which is about 10 min from the city by bus.

  • Kate:

    Hi, Just wondering how much are the kids hip hop dance lessons. My son is 8yrs old. Also what time/s are the lessons.

    • Hi Kate,

      You can sign your up here for a complimentary first class and after it is $16 casual or $130 for a 10 class card.
      the kids Hip Hop Class is on every Wednesday at 4pm and recommences from the 16 July.

      Many Thanks,

  • Jasmin:


    my son is 3 and loves to dance , what classes can he come to.


    • Hi Jasmin,

      Sorry we don’t have any classes for 3yo, we generally start the kids from around 7yo but do take some under that age in private lessons depending on the individual kids and then the earliest age is about 5 years old.


  • Sally:

    Looking at weekday after school classes for my 9yo daughter on a Tuesday or Wednesday after school. What times are available. Cheers.sally.

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Sally,

      We have Kids classes on every Wednesday starting with Hip Hop at 4pm followed by our ballroom and latin class at 4:45 our kids classes run through to 1st July and then resume from the 19 July.
      You are welcome to bring her along and if you register on the website the first class is free.


  • Hello Ian,
    Could you please send me a timetable of kids’ classes.
    My daughter is 7 1/2 and my son 6 1/2.
    Thank you,

  • Luan Blaga:

    Good Afternoon

    Is there anything on the Gold Coast that is similar to what you offer for kids latin dancing that you might know of?

    Can hardly find anything for kids for this dance style on the Gold Coast, it’s crazy!



    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Luan,
      Apologies for the delay in replay
      Here are four studios that are all registered with DanceSport Australia that are in your area and it’s best just to call and try each one.
      IndepenDance with Joanne
      Ashmore & Coolangatta Details here

      New York Ballroom
      Bundall, Gold Coast Details here

      Helensvale Dancesport
      Helensvale Details here

      Easy Dance
      Southport Details here

  • Kassia:

    Hi, just wondering, I’m 14 years old and I would like to ballroom dance next year, and I would be 15, so what age group would I be in?

    • Ian Hunter:

      Hi Kassia,

      Our kids classes start back on the 9 Feb at 14 Francis st Randwick, the age group in these classes is from 6 to 15 so it would be ok if you wanted to try them out and see how you went.
      The only alternative is the regular evening classes they start at 7pm Tuesdays & 7:30pm Thursdays at 60 Clovelly Rd Randwick. Ive attached a link to the timetable on the website and if you register your first class is free.

      Cheers, Ian

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