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Known for its sensual hip action and sexy flair, Latin dance is popular on dance floors everywhere.  Latin consists of the following five dances: Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive..

Here at Logan Dance we will teach you how to dance like the stars and learn some fun Latin American dance styles.  You will have those hips swinging and feet stamping in no time.

Compared to other ballroom dances, Latin dances are generally faster-paced, more sensual, and have more rhythmic expression.

Partners sometimes dance in a closed,tight position, and sometimes hold only one hand. Latin dancing, as Latin music, is sultry and physical. Quick paced rhythms and playful movements make the various Latin dances endlessly entertaining, sometimes even breathtaking.

The history of Latin dance is one of many geographical factors, cultural influences and regional variations, making the dances a fascinating cultural and aesthetic hybrid.

Our classes have a great ratio of males to females so you have a wonderful opportunity to dance with many partners in each class as you discover new steps.


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8 Responses to “Latin American”

  • mary:

    I would like to know about your latin american and salsa classes times and prices and locations please
    Thankyou for your time

    • Hi Mary,

      We only have one location at 161 Alison Rd Randwick, Corner Belmore Rd and both the beginners level 1. 7:15 class and Level 2. 8:15 class run at the same time each day.
      The Salsa classes run every Wednesday and the Latin American every Thursday. In the Latin L 1. class we do three dances in the hour Cha Cha Cha, Samba & Jive. we then include Rumba & Paso Doble in the L 2. & L 3. classes.
      You don’t need a partner or to wear any special clothing or footwear, just whatever you feel comfortable in.

      The price for a 1 hour group class $22 or you can purchase a 10 class dance card for $165. The dance card’s are very popular and can be used for any of the ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Hip Hop or Zumba classes that we run in the studio.
      Hope to see you in the studio soon 🙂

  • Stef:

    YAY ian you used mine and gigi’s picture for this page 😛

  • Imogen:

    Hi Ian,
    I am looking to start Latin American dance, I am not sure if i will bring a partner. Do you have lessons on Sunday?
    Is there a section for 12 year Olds? What range is that?

    • Hi Imogen,
      Very sorry for the delay in reply
      Yes we have a range of classes for 12 year olds and you don’t need to bring a partner, Hip Hop every Wednesday at 4pm, Latin classes every Wednesday at 4:45pm & Friday at 4pm and a Ballroom class on Saturday at 11am. No classes on Sunday
      They are all fun classes and you are welcome to come in and watch and don’t forget to register for your free class on the front page of the website.

  • Angela:

    Hi,I have practised latin dance for two years. I am interested in the class offer by u on Thursady 6:15 pm, should I book in advance or just come to the class on Thursday? How much should I pay for one class?

    • Hi Angela,

      That’s great you can just come in there is no need to book, if you register online by clicking the first class free button (right side of website) you can try it out then a casual class is $24 or a 10 class card is $185

      see you next soon

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