Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring a partner?

At Logan Dance Sydney, you don’t need a partner to attend the classes. In all of our classes, we change partners constantly whether you come to the studio on your own or with a partner, giving everyone the opportunity to experience dancing with different people. This also makes it easier for new people to learn as we often have more advanced students helping in the beginners level 1 classes.
If you want to start competing we will match you up with a partner from the studio so that you can develop your skills together for competition.

Am I too young or too old to dance?

At Logan Dance Sydney, we have a community that represents all age groups. Whether you are 6, 26 or 76 we have fun and exhilarating classes that will suit your individual skill level.

Do I need to come to every class?

We have a flexible class structure, which caters for busy people. We have built a dance community rather than simply holding classes and you can drop in, for whichever class suits your schedule. This means that you are not paying for classes that you don’t take, and you can learn at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

What should I wear?

Most people wear t-shirts, jeans, skirts, sneakers and some dress more formally when they first start. Wearing comfortable clothing and footwear is very important when you attend the classes. Start with something you can move in easily and chose supportive footwear. As you continue to attend the classes, you will work out what suits you the best.

How fit do I need to be to enjoy my first class?

Dancing is great for fitness and movement however you do not need to be fit to learn to dance. The classes are fun and light and many people are surprised at how quickly their fitness improves with regular dance lessons.

When are your classes held?

We have a variety of classes throughout the day – Tuesday to Saturday. Our beginner’s level 1 and 2 classes rotate through several styles so classes are always varied and fun. Click here for timetables and events.

My child is shy; will he/she enjoy the classes?

Yes! We have had the pleasure of working with some very shy kids and they always come out of their shell after a couple of lessons. Dance is a fantastic way for kids to learn to express themselves and feel confident in social situations, and many kids (and adults!) form great lasting friendships.

Where are you situated?

We are situated on the corner of Alison Rd and Belmore Rd in Randwick, well known as Peter’s corner. Enter through the big yellow entrance, come upstairs to the studio and start dancing!

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Is there parking nearby?

There is a council carpark on the corner of Arthur Lane & Silver St just off Belmore Rd and plenty of off-street parking in the surrounding residential area.

How do I get there?

The Studio is easily accessed by bus throughout the Eastern and Southern Suburbs. The main access road from the city is Anzac Parade and using the tunnels provides an easy way to the studio from the Northern and inner Western Suburbs.

Bus routes:

From the city 373 & 377
From Central 372, 374 & 376
From Bondi Junction 314, 316, 317, 357 & 348

I have other questions!

Here we address many of the questions you may have in regards to the studio and our classes. If we have missed anything please feel free to contact us in person : )

9 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  • Stephenie:

    Hi I was wondering if there are set term times or can my daughter start classes at any date?

    • Hi Stephenie,
      Yes, you can bring your daughter in to start the classes at any time.
      The kids Salsa & Latin and Hip Hop weekday classes break for the school holidays otherwise all classes run continuously throughout the year.

  • Ilana:

    Is the Wednesday afternoon hip hop class suitable for a 61/2 and 10 year old?

    • Hi Ilana,
      The Wednesday Hip Hop class is definitely suitable for the 10 year old and we do take the kids as young as 6 in the class but it just depends on each of the kids.
      Best thing to do is just bring them in and see how they go, I’m sure they will enjoy the class and you are welcome to stay and watch.
      I will be there during the class and look forward to meeting you then.

  • Melissa:

    Are me and my daughter allowed to come and watch a class so she can decide whether its something she wants to do

  • Angela:

    Could you please send a link of the official website of the medal test to my e-mail ?
    Thank you
    Angela Deng

  • Anita:


    I read that you do adult hip hop classes but there are no times on the timetable. Are they on hold for now and will they be on in 2015?

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