The Importance of Balance

Image is the first thing people see when watching a couple dance. Even the untrained eye can appreciate grace, fluidity, emotion and skill. But there is one essential thing that holds it all together; balance.

The definition for balance is: a state of equilibrium.

So how do we bring a state of equilibrium to our performance? Here are some tips:

1. Strengthen your core

Good balance requires a strong core; doing Pilates or yoga regularly will help both with flexibility and core strength.

2. Perfect your posture

Work at improving your posture in all areas of life, not just dancing, if you are slouching at a desk all day this will be detrimental to your posture while dancing. Think about posture while walking to work, while working or studying, even when you are watching television! Good posture will give you stability and is essential for good balance.

3. Be centred

Our movements are designed around a centre balance, when you are walking down the street your right arms swings forward with your left foot, and left to right. This is your body’s natural transfer of balance, something moves forward as something moves back.

In dance the same principle applies, each part of the body moves forward or back to counter balance another part of the body. Everyone fails at this principle from time to time and the result is usually a trip or a splat!

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